LAFAYETTE, CO. (September 12, 2023) — Intermountain Good Samaritan Medical Center hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony in LaFayette, Colorado on Tuesday, September 12 to celebrate the Grand Opening of Lori’s Gifts Store #656.

Hospital administrators, staff, and volunteers joined with Lori’s Field Leaders to cut the red ribbon and welcome guests to the gift shop. The medical center’s President, Dawn Anuszkiewicz, said “There’s nothing quite as enriching for a community as having a dedicated space where we can come together, a place to discover ways to convey and celebrate our love for others. This is the essence of gift-giving. I am genuinely thrilled to welcome Lori’s Gifts as our partner for our gift shop, ensuring our community has a destination to embrace and share joy once again.” 

The event was marked with special Grand Opening sales. Several hospital employees said they were “blown away” by Lori’s inventory and merchandising, which exceeded their expectations. In sharing his excitement about the new partnership, Lori’s District Manager, Rudy Cortez said, “As a company, we take immense pride in being able to provide our services to the community. We believe that a gift shop is more than just a place to find thoughtful presents, it’s a space where connections are nurtured, love is expressed, and happiness is shared.” 

In a company email, Lori’s Chief Merchandising Officer Doug Lane expressed his excitement that the Grand Opening event was as successful as a Black Friday event. He also thanked all involved for getting products, fixtures and equipment to the new shop in a timely manner. A Lori’s Grand Opening is a carefully orchestrated event with many, many moving parts. 

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