Lori’s tests new products and ideas in our showroom at our corporate offices in Carrollton, Texas, a Dallas suburb.

Lori's Gifts is the premier gift shop management company in the United States. Founded in 1981 as Lori's Hallmark, our exclusive focus has been providing world class hospital gift shops that make patients, guests, employees and volunteers feel welcome. We are pleased to partner with the hospital, auxiliary or foundation to fulfill your vision of the perfect gift shop for your hospital.

Gift shop customers will benefit from:

    • A modern appearance with updated fixtures and a full merchandise assortment that changes frequently
    • Convenient, consistent operating hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays
    • Clinical connections and support for hospital service lines
    • Outstanding customer service
    • Professional retail operations expertise that supports volunteer participation
    • Gift shop rewards program
    • Volunteer discounts and continuing venue for volunteer service

Hospital/Auxiliary benefits include:

    • Monthly payment based on gross sales
    • Reduced payroll, since Lori's assumes all staffing, buying and accounting responsibilities
    • No cash tied up in store inventory
    • Hospital can focus on its core business - patient care

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